Lip Balm in Eco-Friendly Tube - Choose Your Flavor

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This listing includes (1) handcrafted lip balm in an eco-friendly tube. This lip balm is firm, but goes in smooth. It has a nice weight that coats the lips and lasts! All lip balms are made in small batches to ensure quality.

Easy to use eco-friendly tube - just push lip balm up from the bottom (please note: once pushed up, it can not be "rolled back down" like plastic tubes). Plus the eco-friendly tube can be composted... help the earth... say NO to plastic disposables!

Cocoa Butter
Sunflower Oil
Olive Oil
Vitamin E
Flavor Oil(s) or Essential Oil(s)*

*Choose your flavor in the drop down menu. All essential oils are 100% natural and are marked "EO". Flavor oils are of high quality and purchased from a single, reputable source. Flavor oils are marked "FO".

Net Weight: .35 oz.