Irish Breakfast Loose Leaf Te - Black Tea

$3.50 - $40.00

This tea brews to a malty, strong cup. Spicy and brisk - perfect with cream & sugar, a hearty breakfast, and enough caffeine to power through the morning.

Black Tea


Steeping Instructions:
1 teaspoon (apx 4 grams) in 10-12 oz water at 212°F. Steep for 3 min.

Available Sizes:
1/2 ounce (makes apx 5 cups)
2 ounces: (makes apx 18 cups)
4 ounces: (makes apx 35 cups)
1 pound: (makes apx 150 cups)

Please Note: This listing includes (1) bag of Irish Breakfast Tea in the size selected from the drop-down menu. Any other teas, tea cups, or tea accessories pictured are not included.